50cm Silver Foil Confetti Cannon Shooter

1 Confetti Cannon Shooter 50cm Silver Foil

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  • 50cm Silver Foil Confetti

Our Silver handheld confetti party cannon shooter is a great addition to any party, This shower of confetti provides a stunning silver colour scheme, It will shower your venue with beautiful shimmering silver foil confetti. This would be Ideal for celebrating at a New Years Eve party, birthday party, surprise party, Christmas party, wedding or other special occasions.

The confetti inside this cannon ejects lots of colourful silver foil with a loud bang when operated. Please ensure you have a height clearance of at least 2.5m to allow the confetti shower to flutter gently to the ground. 

This item uses a compressed air cartridge which produces a loud noise when fired, so do not hold close to your ear when operating. This confetti cannon is not suitable for children under the age of 18.

Safety Warning

Warning: This item operates a compressed air cartridge which can produce a loud noise when fired. Do not use close to the ear! Not suitable for children under 18 years. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not dispose of this product on a fire. Do not open or pierce tube.

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